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Doors and windows tips

Benefits of aluminum frames

View the benefits of having aluminum frames

Fit a weather guard on a door

Place the weather guard against the door and measure and mark the correct width with the door closed. Mark the cutting line and saw off the excess.

How to hang a door

  • Make sure that the door is the right way round.
  • A new door should indicate the side on which the handle/lock is to be fitted.
  • Then cut the door to fi t the door frame.
  • Position and wedge the door in the opening to check the fit. Wedge the door at the top and bottom to the correct height for clearance.

Hang a door

Use a builders square to make sure the corners of the doorway are true, If they are not trim the door with a plane.

Install a door hook

Door hooks with eyes come in various lengths. Decide how wide you want the door ajar and measure the distance before buying a hook.

Install a lock in a cupboard door

Use masking tape to stick an open envelope below the point where you are drilling to catch all the dust.

Install a sliding window stay

If you keep the peg and the slide clean, it will work properly without getting stuck.

New Locks, No Hassle

Replacing your worn door locks is easy – if you have the right stuff for the job

Replace a broken window

Has your kid put a cricket or soccer ball through a window as he practises to become the next AB de Villiers or Thomas Muller? There's no need to go to the expense of getting someone in to replace the glass if you're handy around the house. Simply visit your consumer, champion, Cashbuild for everything you need to get the job done. Your friendly Cashbuild consultant will help you get the material you need, then simply follow these step-bystep instructions.

Replace a door handle

Before you begin, measure your existing door handle to ensure you buy a replacement of the same size and specification.

Replace a door lock

Remove the old lock and take it to the hardware store to ensure the lock mechanism you buy is the correct size.

Replace a kitchen cupboard hinge

Use the adjusting screw to get the spacing right and to get the door to line up.

Replace a sliding stay

See how to replace a sliding stay.

Replace a window pane

See how to replace a window pane.

Window of Opportunity

Replacing a window is easy, thanks to Cashbuild