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Enterprise Development

As part of Cashbuild’s commitment to making a positive contribution to every community in which it trades, Cashbuild embarks on various local community initiatives in order to support local development and foster relationships within each store’s community.
Some the initiatives are Glass Cutting and Delivery Services, whereby Cashbuild makes use of local delivery drivers and glass cutters which are all either 100% black owned or black individuals.

Local Glass Cutters are given the opportunity to “set up shop” at each Cashbuild store.  Whilst they are not directly employed by Cashbuild,  Cashbuild advertises their services and allows them to operate from the Cashbuild premises, benefit from Cashbuild’s customers without incurring any costs or rental. Not other does this improve individuals within the local community but also provides a convenience for customers as they can purchase glass and then have it measured and cut to size at Cashbuild.

Cashbuild provides our customers with free local delivery. Delivery in excess of certain demographics are charged at competitive rates.  Cashbuild does not have its own fleet of vehicles,  but makes use of local delivery contractors who either reside or operate within the local community.  This provides not only a service to customers but also employment opportunities for the local community.

Cashbuild manages the deliveries on behalf of the customers and customers pay Cashbuild directly.  Cashbuild negotiates with the local delivery contractors in terms of pricing, servicing and to ensure the customer’s expectations are met.
Each store determines its own unique catchment areas and requirements,  based on local market knowledge.

Cashbuild assumes responsibility for the success of the delivery system and also advertises this extensively in all advertising media.

It is in line with the above that Cashbuild manages to ensure a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Rating of a Level 8 Contributor and maintaining an Enterprise Development score of 100%.


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