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Gardening tips

Caring for your garden tools

Properly caring for your tools will ensure that you enjoy gardening with them for many seasons to come.

Choosing the right gardening tools

Spades and forks. Digging with spade Spades and garden forks are essential tools in the garden.

Go green this summer

Do you have a green thumb? Cashbuild has all the tools you need to get your shrubs growing tall and those colourful flowerbeds blooming, for many people gardening is like therapy. There’s nothing like a bit of digging to get your frustrations out and the heart pumping.

Get your garden going

You might find gardening a bit daunting if you don't have all the expertise and tools of a landscape specialist and while you can tell a rake from a hose you might need to know more about their particular range of uses. Consumer champion Cashbuild not only has all the tools and materials you need for home maintenance but also stocks all the gardening equipment you'll need to help to keep your garden growing.

Making compost

Compost is easy to make when using garden and kitchen waste. It's best to create a waste heap on the ground as this allows earthworms and other organisms to break down the waste materials. Within a 3 month period it is ready for use in your garden. Choose a place in the garden where the compost heap will not dry out.