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Home improvement tips

All the right tools

Having just the right tools makes all the difference to how quickly, easily and professionally you can tackle all those DIY jobs around your home. Whether you're after a power drill or an angle grinder, head for the nearest store of your consumer champion, Cashbuild, for a wide range of power tools suitable for just about any DIY job..

Apply a protective coat

Preparation is the most important part of the process clean, bare wood is easier to coat with sealant or paint.

Bathroom bliss

From tiles, toilets and showers to cisterns, your consumer champion Cashbuild has everything you need for a bathroom makeover. And making a big change is easy with its wide range of products to suit any home, such as new tiles.

Books and bits

It seems you can never have enough shelves for books and collectables. With the trend towards smaller homes you need to be creative about finding space for all your belongings. Your consumer champion, Cashbuild, has the answer: visit the nearest store where you'll find advice and all the tools and materials you need to build this space-saving bookcase.

Expose a brick wall

An exposed brick wall creates a rustic or industrial look and works well in areas such as kitchens and entertainment areas.

Get rid of mould

Cover your face with a mask when cleaning mould to protect your lungs and eyes from the harmful mould spores.

Hang a collection of pictures

The best place for a picture is at eye level. Stand at a vantage point in the room and choose a spot for the picture roughly at eye level.

How to fit a curtain rail

Find out how to fit your new curtain rails.

Install a bathroom cabinet

Find out how to install a bathroom cabinet.

Install a shelf

For safety's sake use a pipe detector to check the wall for electrical cables Before drilling holes for the shelf.

Install a water tank

Find out how to install a Water Tank for your home.

Power up!

Cashbuild stocks a wide variety of cordless drills, impact drills, pneumatic hammer-action drills, angle grinders, saws - in both compact and jigsaw varieties - orbital sanders, planers and heat guns. But which tool to use for what purpose?

Put up a curtain rail

You'll need: Curtain rail, tape measure, pencil, spirit level, cordless drill, 6 mm masonry drill bit, 6 mm wall plugs, screws, ladder (and an extra pair of hands.

Remove rust from metal

Remove as many rust stains as possible before applying the primer.

Replace a broken cupboard hinge

Find out how to replace a cupboard hinge.

Room to play

Tired of clambering over the clutter to get into your kids' rooms? Make this handy box to help them tidy away scattered toys. Better yet, turn the project into a fun activity by getting them to help you decorate their own toy box. You'll find everything you need at your consumer champion, Cashbuild.

Off the shelf

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Space is at a premium for most of us and it's not easy to get rid of things you've collected over a lifetime to free up valuable storage.

Tidy away towels

Having enough towel rails in just the right places makes a big difference in any bathroom. Luckily it's easy to install a rail just where you want it if you know how to go about it. Bear in mind you need to be careful not to crack tiles while drilling holes to fix the rail to the wall. These handy tips from consumer champion, Cashbuild, will help you avoid this pitfall - follow the steps carefully and the job will be done with minimal fuss.