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Plumbing tips

Better bathrooms

Nothing soothes away daily stress better than a long, nurturing soak in the bath or the blissful sensation of water rushing over your body in the shower. But does your bathroom enhance what should be quality me-time or is it desperately calling for attention?

Convenience on tap

Do you need an outside tap at home? Or would you like to move yours to a more convenient spot for watering the garden? It's quick and easy - simply follow these step-by -step instructions. You'll find everything you need for the job under one roof at consumer champion, Cashbuild - from tools to plumbing accessories.

Fit and forget

Plumbers can be expensive and sometimes doing it yourself is a good money-saver. Replacing a toilet cistern flush valve is one of the simpler plumbing jobs you can easily do without enlisting the services of a professional.

Fix a leaking toilet

Flush the toilet to empty the water in the cistern and remove the water in the U-trap with a plastic disposable cup.

Fix a leaking tap

Close the building's main water isolation valve and wait for the water to stop running.

Hot stuff

Everyone wants to feel warm and snug in winter and for many people a luxurious bath is a highlight at the end of a chilly day. Imagine opening the hot water tap, adding a dash of your favourite bubble bath.

How to seal around a bath tub or basin

It is important to seal these areas properly because this helps prevent moisture from getting into your walls and floors.

Install a new showerhead

Before you start, cover the shower drain to prevent anything getting stuck in the trap.

More than just a tap

The right tap can add a stylish designer look to your bathroom. With a wide range of Isca mixer taps available from consumer champion, Cashbuild, you're guaranteed to find a style and size just for you.

Putting in a toilet has never been easier

Installing a new toilet can be quite an undertaking – you have to get the right components together and assemble all the parts the correct way, at the same time making sure your plumbing is in order. it can prove to be a time-consuming job.

Replace a shower head

Use an adjustable wrench or locking pliers to carefully unscrew the arm from the wall by turning in an anti-clockwise direction.

Replace a toilet seat and install a toilet-roll holder

Be careful not to over-tighten the nuts that hold the toilet seat in place or the seat might be difficult to remove later.

Replace a washer

Open the hot water tap in the bath (or any other hot water tap in the house) while working to create an outlet for the geyser's overflow.

Seal a leaking toilet

Clean the surface thouroughly before applying paint.

Shower and save

We've all become a lot more aware of the need to save water - and looming electricity tariff increases are making us more conscious of saving power too. Switching to showering instead of bathing can help you.

Stop the drip

It's bound to happen in your home at some time - that telltale drip-drip of a leaking tap that drives you up the wall. Not only is it an annoying sound, every drop adds to your water bill. Experts estimate a leaking tap can waste up to 1,000 litres a month.