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Security tips

Install A Security Gate

First measure the width of your door frame before you buy your security gate.

Stay safe

Now you can enjoy peace of mind with our world-class range of security products

Put your safety first

You can protect your home and family with security products from Cashbuild, your consumer champion. With a large variety of products it's your one-stop security needs shop.

Install an exterior light

In the interest of safety check all electrical work with a qualified electrician.

Install a lockset

Look at the make of your old lock and try to replace it with a lock of the same brand. This will make installation easier as sizes are unlikely to vary and you can use the same openings.

A safe retreat

Your home is a place where you should feel safe and secure. Unfortunately criminal elements do find ways of gaining access to properties. Ttaking basic safety measures can go a long way towards improving your family's sense of security and enhance your quality of life.

Fence in your assets

Boost your home security and the look of your property with palisade fencing. It's widely used as an alternative to concrete or brick walls and is relatively easy to put up on level ground.

Let your light shine

The value of outdoor and garden lighting is often underestimated - after all, interior lighting has a more immediate and direct impact on our daily lives. But outdoor lighting is so much more than just a means

Light up your world

South Africans are the biggest consumers of electricity on the continent, especially in urban areas. Make sure you switch to energy-efficient lighting - it not only cuts down costs considerably, it's also kinder to the environment to reduce your consumption of Earth's energy resources.

Out with the old

When the word maintenance pops up, you usually think of challenging projects such as painting, fixing leaks and cracks and possibly redoing the driveway. The little things, such as door locks, are easily overlooked despite the crucial role they play in keeping your home and your family safe.

Safe and secure

We all want to know our home is safe - even when we're not there. Being alert and aware of your surroundings and taking basic safety measures in and around your home can increase your peace of mind because you'll know you've done what you can to limit threats to your safety and security.