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Accidents happen. If your kids love playing soccer or cricket but their aim is a bit off, chances are you'll have to replace a window pane every so often. Cashbuild has everythin you need to make the job as quick and painless as possible. To help the process, here are a few tips to

Replacing a window is easy, thanks to Cashbuild

You'll need:

  • Replacement glass
  • Masking tape
  • Long-nosed pliers
  • Gloves and eye protection goggles
  • Old towel
  • Putty knife
  • Hammer
  • Glazing compound (or putty)
  • Glazier's points
  • Chisel or screwdriver
  • Paint brush and fast-drying primer
  • Tape measure

Step 1: Remove the broken pane

  • Begin by putting on your eye protection goggles and work gloves to avoid getting injured by broken glass. Now you're ready to remove the broken window pane. If the glass is cracked through and not completely broken you'll have to break it in order to proceed.
    If you have to break it, cover the cracked glass with masking tape to avoid shattering, then put an old towel over it and hit it with a hammer hard enough to break the glass.
  • You can now carefully remove the broken pieces from the window frame.

Step 2: Prepare the window frame

  • Remove the putty around the window frame. If the putty is old it should easily break off, but in the case of a new window it's likely to be quite firmly in place. If this is the case, use a flat screwdriver or a chisel to help the process along.
  • Remove stubborn pieces of glass with long-nosed pliers, then lightly sand the frame to remove any traces of putty and wipe the area with a damp cloth to ensure the surface is clean and smooth.

Step 3: Install the replacement glass

  • Roll a piece of putty between your hands to create a long, thin string, then press it firmly into place using a putty knife.
  • You can now place the replacement glass pane into the frame, pressing it down into the putty by applying pressure at the edges of the pane - do not press in the centre of the pane.
  • To finish sealing the window edge, roll a piece of putty between your hands to make a string about 9,5 mm in diameter.
  • Use your fingers to press this string into the seam between the glass and the window frame, then use the flat edge of your putty knife to press it firmly into place. Holding your knife at an angle between the glass and window frame, smooth down the surface.
  • Cut away excess putty using a putty knife. Run a dry paint brush over the newly finished putty to ensure a smooth effect.

Final touches

  • Clean your new glass pane using turpentine or methylated spirits and allow about a week for the putty to dry properly. Once it has dried, you can paint the frame. Glazed putty should not be left unpainted for more than 25 days.
    Should you need to re-finish the window frame, follow these steps:
  • For steel window frames, apply a universal undercoat to the frame and finished putty. Apply the final layers of the specified paint.
  • For wooden window frames, apply 2-3 coats of varnish to the frames and finished putty. Allow to dry between coats.
  • Visit your nearest Cashbuild store for more advice on home improvements and repairs. Friendly Cashbuild staff will be on hand to give you advice you and help you find the material you need to get the job done. Meanwhile, watch out for those soccer balls! For more information call 0860 100 582
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