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Limpopo Schools to be Fixed and Fitted Thanks to Cashbuild

Eight schools in Giyani, Limpopo, were the lucky winners of the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart competition. The schools each received a Cashbuild building material voucher to the value of R15 000. The vouchers were handed out at the Art-at-Heart ceremony at the new Cashbuild Giyani Masingita store on the 18th of April 2019. Plans include the building of a proper kitchen, establishing a roofing structure for a school auditorium and constructing a proper housing facility for a 24/7 security guard.

Kubane Primary School, Hlaketo Primary School and Dulang Primary School are just three of the eight schools that received a Cashbuild building material voucher.

Kubane Primary School's principal, Mr Matlou is grateful to be one of the schools that received the voucher and said: "Now, thanks to Cashbuild, we can finally start work on our school auditorium. With this voucher, we will begin building the roof structure and once eventually completed, the auditorium will be the space to host school assemblies, events and meetings. We are just happy to be able to start the process."

Ms Ntsanwisi, the principal of Hlaketo Primary School, will be using the Cashbuild voucher to buy materials that will help start the building of a brand new kitchen as well as a store room. "Having a proper kitchen will be a great help, as we currently prepare our food packs in one of the classrooms. If we have a separate kitchen with the right facilities and storage, we will be able to offer our children so much more."

The principal of Dulang Primary School, Mrs Mahascha, says: "Security is an issue at the school so we would like to build a proper brick housing facility for our security guard. This will allow him to be on the school premises 24/7 which will improve the daily safety of our children and it is all thanks to Cashbuild."

At the Art-at-Heart ceremony at the new Cashbuild Giyani Masingita store on 18th April 2019, when the building material vouchers totaling R120 000 were handed out to the eight winning schools, the children entertained everyone with singing, cultural dancing and theatrical performances.

The Cashbuild Art-at-Heart competition entails learners from each school to submit their best artwork to Cashbuild. This artwork is displayed at the ceremony, and remains on display in the Cashbuild store for the next six years.

Artwork was judged and three winners from each school were named. Winners received Cashbuild Art-at-Heart gold, silver and bronze certificates for first, second and third place respectively. The Manager's Choice was awarded to a learner from Mbureni Primary School who was the overall winner of the artwork competition. This award was announced on the day and the winning learner received a stationery pack and a glass trophy. The winner was also given the honour of officially opening the new store.

The schools that benefitted from the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart donations were:


R 15,000


R 15,000


R 15,000


R 15,000


R 15,000


R 15,000


R 15,000


R 15,000

Since the Art-at-Heart campaign was launched 18 years ago, Cashbuild has helped more than 3 200 schools in Southern Africa with over R40-million worth of building materials. Cashbuild is BEE compliant and every time a store is opened, relocated or refurbished, Cashbuild not only makes donations to local schools, but also creates jobs for community members.

The Art-at-Heart competition is a southern African Cashbuild initiative whereby donations are made to some of the region's most needy schools.