Art at Heart

Taking community to heart

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Cashbuild views the Art-at-Heart community project as an investment in each local community in which it trades. This concept together with the physical store opening/refurbishment/revamp or relocation provides the platform from which Cashbuild’s three fundamental principles of community are realised;-

  1. The Art-at-Heart community project provides an interactive tool and communication channel between Cashbuild, local schools, local educators and most importantly local earners and their families.
  2. The store itself provides employment for the community, both at store level and also by means of services that the store provides.
  3. Cashbuild product and price offering ensures that quality fit-for-purpose building material is available to the community at guaranteed lowest prices.

At the heart of the community

The Art-at-Heart community project, together with the actual store development, provides a realistic, sustainable and tangible model from which Cashbuild can initiate community involvement, entrenchment and cooperation.

  1. The Art-at-Heart community project forms the initial communication platform from which Cashbuild interacts with the community as a whole and in particular the educational community and the learners.
  2. Prior to the Art-at-Heart community project and event, the Cashbuild store itself provides employment and wealth creation opportunities for local residents.
  3. The Cashbuild product offering is designed to suit local market requirements and is competitively priced to ensure the community has access to quality building materials at the lowest prices.

These three key components of the store development strategy bring a real sense of upliftment and investment to the community. Cashbuild works within the community framework and in exchange for this investment, requires a certain level of participation from the schools, educators and learners, as well as community support both economically and from a safety perspective.

This two-way exchange facilitates entrenchment within the community and provides the basis for a mutually beneficial relationship between Cashbuild and the community.